BizDev Gateway

Find a brand-new business that MAKES SENSE!

Are you looking for a new business opportunity, but all you're seeing are "opportunities" to put up thousands of dollars for "business plans" and "sure fire deals?" Are you ready for a real opportunity, which requires NO cash investment, NO inventory to stock, and NO gadgets to fix? Are you ready to put in the one investment that won't drain your bank account - your time and talent? Are you ready to get immediate revenue and monthly residual income, paid on a daily basis?

...then AllCom is the place for you.

We don't need your cash -
We need your talent

Here are the simple facts:

* AllCom's business - we integrate communications, financial services, and the Internet into one seamless global service. We provide services for both businesses and consumers.
* Your talent - you find people who need our services and help them join us as a subscriber.
* Our deal - we provide the services and the technology, you introduce our services to potential customers and get immediate commissions and long-term residual income on each and every customer you add to our list of subscribers - for as long as they remain a subscriber!

What's the upside of being an BizDev Gateway reseller?

* No inventory, No cash investment, No gadgets
* Immediate commissions on each sale
* Ongoing residual income for the tenure of each subscriber
* Residual commissions to you when your subscribers refer their friends, family and business associates to subscribe to our services

What does it take to be a BizDev Gateway reseller?

* You need to use the service, not just sell it. Every reseller starts with a BizDev Gateway Genie Number of their own. BizDev Gateway isn't some "pyramid" scheme where "memberships" are what you are selling. The BizDev Gateway is the service, and you can sell it best when you use it. It's also the way in which we track all of your referrals and pay all of your commissions.
* You need to understand the service, to better sell it. The BizDev Gateway can serve people for a lifetime, if they know what it can do for them. Every moment you spend learning the BizDev Gateway yourself, will help you help your subscribers appreciate their own BizDev Gateway service and refer their friends, family and business associates.

How do I actually sell?

We have several simple tools to help you:

* Activate your Agent account
* Create and automatically email electronic BizDev Gateway "brochures" to your potential customers
* Print traditional handout BizDev Gateway brochures to your potential customers
* Create a reseller banner for your web pages or email stationery

You can use these tools to find customers, however they work best for YOU. Sell directly to your existing customers through your own distribution channels or build your own agent network and sell through your agents to their customers.

BizDev Gateway

The BizDev Gateway is your virtual business-development tool, giving entrepreneurs and agents a new way to use technology effectively. Build your business online, nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Imagine having a tool in hand - at any time - that will help you
* deliver your Gateway business solutions to your agents and entrepreneurs
* improve the growth and efficiency of their own Gateway services
How much more time could you save?

Every day, your agents are faced with solving new business problems. But many they haven't encountered before. You know how frustrating it can be to start from scratch.

The BizDev Gateway has already solved these issues and many like them. It's a treasure chest of solutions - at your figure tips any time, day or night. Hiring consultants for "special problems" is very expensive, and not every agent can afford it. Instead, let the BizDev Gateway be the "consultant" to answer these questions.