United States Patent Granted - Patent No: US 10,692,156 B2
Date issued: Jun 23, 2020

Check22 is designed to fundamentally alter the merchant/consumer relationship as it exists today, by moving purchase and other financial transactions from a “pull” model, wherein a consumer gives a merchant detailed information allowing the merchant to draw money from a consumer’s accounts, to a “push” model, where the consumer provides no such information to the merchant, but instead actively sends their payments directly to the merchant in the form of a Check22 on demand substitute check.

What is Check22

In 2003, the U.S. Congress enacted a federal law called "Check 21" that allows the recipient of a paper check to create a digital version of the original check. This digital electronic format is called a "substitute check". Check22 is the next step. We've changed the process from a "Debit" (grab) transaction to a "Push" transaction where the payer decides when and how much they wish to pay.

You Can Send a Check22 Payment

You can send your own Check22 payments in just moments - drawn against your own checking account - to anyone you want, whenever you want. Just click on the signup tab below or go to www.GenieChecking.com activate your GenieChecking account and create your own Check22. Provide a few details about your checking account, and we will prepare your Check22 as an electronic "substitute check". Email it, or print and mail it - however you want. When your payee deposits your Check22, it will be charged to your regular checking account at the bank you provided, just like any other check you write!

Check22 can be:
  • Emailed directly to any recipient, who can then deposit it into their bank account
  • Deposited electronically using most PC or Smartphone banking apps
  • Printed on most printers (color printers are best) and deposited as a traditional check
  • Printed and mailed as a payment
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