Load your CashBox DEBIT Card with multitude of options

Transfer funds from your Bank Debit Card to your CashBox.

*To verify your debit card we will send you a text message for approval to process a $1 test transaction.
Once approved, you can add funds in increments of
$10-$25-$50-$75-$125-$150 up to $150.00

You can easily load your CashBox with a GenieCheck!

Simply log in to your account and select Load CashBox, than select Deposit GenieChecks.
1. Enter the Amount of the check
2. Enter the GenieCheck Number
3. Select the Check Date
4. Click Continue
Your check will be processed!

Load Via Money Orders

GenieCard Holders can now load CASH into their CashBox, by purchasing and sending, US Postal Money Orders.

You can conveniently load your CashBox DEBIT Card from multiple options