Check22 is designed to fundamentally alter the merchant/consumer relationship as it exists today, by moving purchase and other financial transactions from a “pull” model, wherein a consumer gives a merchant detailed information allowing the merchant to draw money from a consumer’s accounts, to a “push” model, where the consumer provides no such information to the merchant, but instead actively sends their payments directly to the merchant in the form of a Check22 on demand substitute check.

Just click on or the Merchant’s button below and you can create your Merchant account in 15 minutes and be operational within one business day.
  1. Check 21 vs, Check22
  2. What is a Check22
  3. Sample of a Check22 payment
  4. A copy of the eSign document that comes with each payment
  5. The VPOS User Guide
  6. The Pay Online User Guide
  7. Processing payments on the Gateway (visual example)