Have your GenieCheck Deposited Directly to your CashBox

There is NO charge to sign up for a safe and secure GenieCard DEBIT.
  • Private, safe and secure.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • No Credit Checks ever!
  • No Job? NO PROBLEM
  • No Social Security Number or Bank Account needed!
  • Depositing your GenieCheck is easy

Deposit your GenieChecks Directly to your CashBox DEBIT

Deposit GenieChecks, anytime, anywhere, with the GenieCard DEBIT APP, directly from your cell phone, to your CashBox.

Choose when you want your money credited to your GenieCard DEBIT. Your checks are as good as cash and safe to spend.

If your check is approved your GenieCard DEBIT will be credited in minutes.

If you are paid in cash no problem

  • No Credit check
  • No employment verification
  • No Bank account needed
  • Deposit Cash with a Money Order
  • Load Cash at participating Genie CashBox Merchants
You can conveniently send payments through your CashBox DEBIT Card using one of these convenient options.