10 Reasons Why You Need a CashBox DEBIT Card

If you do NOT have a bank account

With CashBox DEBIT Card, you get all of the features you need from a bank account, with none of the hassles. A CashBox DEBIT Card account is perfect for someone just starting out, right from day one.

If you have a bank account

If you already have a bank account, what could you possibly need with ANOTHER account like CashBox DEBIT Card? Two words - "limit risk". We all know how clever scamsters and crooks are these days - especially in the area of electronic banking. Fine - just use CashBox DEBIT Card as your low risk account for those times when you question who you're dealing with. By limiting the funds in your CashBox DEBIT Card account, you've completely limited your risk.

If you have NO credit

Just starting out? Haven't established your credit record? No problem! With CashBox DEBIT Card, first timers are just as welcome as old hands. You can have the convenience of either a CashBox DEBIT Card card and full access to your money all day, every day. You can get a CashBox DEBIT Card with NO credit check and NO employment verification.

If you have BAD credit

Black marks on your record won't stop you with CashBox DEBIT Card, because there ARE no credit checks. Everything you do with CashBox DEBIT Card is pre-paid, so there's no worry about credit limits, late fees or any of the other irritations of managing debt. Instead, you get the freedom of plastic, without the worry.

If you have good credit

Are you in the upper regions of credit scores? More credit may NOT be what you need - just more convenience. And that's what you get with CashBox DEBIT Card. A CashBox DEBIT Card is a great way to separate those special purpose finances that don't belong on your personal credit card, or even on your regular company cards.

If you have NO job

What do you do when you're looking for work, and you need a way to handle your money? Stick cash under your pillow? Certainly not! You keep it in a CashBox DEBIT Card account, so that you have full-time convenience with full-time safety.

If you are retired from your job

Congratulations! You've made it through the working world and come out the other end. Now it's time to relax a bit, and a CashBox DEBIT Card account is the perfect tool. Whether it's your dream to travel the highways and byways seeing the world, or to kick back and fish that little lake hidden in the hills, CashBox DEBIT Card will make sure your money is safe AND accessible when and where you need it.

If you have children away at school

"Mom, Dad? I need money for [books, clothes, library fees, groceries, etc.]!" You name it and students need it. And YOU are going to pay for it. But why pay so much to pay so much? CashBox DEBIT Card can save you boatloads of cash over traditional wire services when you send money to your child away at school.

If you have family members abroad

It may seem quaint or old fashioned to some, but millions of people still send money home to family and friends abroad. And all too often they pay outlandish fees for the privilege. Not with CashBox DEBIT Card! CashBox DEBIT Card lets you send money to your folks for a fraction of what "international transfer" services charge.

If you want to charge your purchase

With your CashBox DEBIT Card, you have all the power of a charge card without the downside of mounting bills. Merchants the world over will take your CashBox DEBIT Card, in person, by phone or over the Internet, so there's no limit to what you can buy. But the CashBox DEBIT Card is pre-paid, so there's no fear of piling up debt that will come back to haunt you.

The only card you will ever need no matter
what your lifestyle or credit history.

CashBox DEBIT Card bridges the gap between traditional,
banking, internet commerce, digital currencies and the
cash economy. Genie CashBox DEBIT is a prepaid debit card
that comes with its own virtual checking account.

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All This With One CashBox DEBIT Card

Genie CashBox DEBIT is a prepaid debit solution

Get the widest reaching payment system available with the narrowest risk imaginable.

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Genie CashBox DEBIT is integrated with a virtual checking account

A virtual checking account, accessible from any internet enabled device, that lets you e-mail a check to anyone − including yourself − with absolutely no risk of overdraft, forgery, or any of the other hazards of an old-style checking account.

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Genie CashBox DEBIT is a reloadable Virtual Debit Card

The Genie CashBox DEBIT Card is a closed loop virtual debit card enabling you to make payments to other members using only your cell phone number and your required text message approvals.

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CashBox DEBIT Card

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