GenieCard Premium Visa Prepaid Card Distributor Program (GPR)

Launch your own Prepaid Debit Card Program! Imagine being able to offer your employees or customers a solution that will save them money and increase your profits at the same time. The GenieCard Prepaid Visa Debit Card is supported by the entire GenieCard Network with your business in mind.

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How It Works

  • Complete our Get Started
  • You will be contacted by our staffing & Payroll expert
  • Custom fit a program the meets your needs
  • We ship cards to your location
  • Issue Visa Prepaid Debit cards from our Virtual Terminal

GenieCard Premium Visa Prepaid Card Distributor Program (GPR)


Between efficiency gains cost savings and employee benefits, combined with a growing number of outside factors, perpaid payroll card useage is set to surpass its paper predecessor. Why is now the time of switch?

Why Becoming a Distributor is a Smart Business Choice?

  • Access to Virtual Terminal to manage your card program

  • Eliminate checks, reduce payroll processing costs, and save money

  • Improvement in employee productivity, satisfaction, loyalty and retention

  • Add-on page to allow card enrollment on your existing website

  • Easy to manage and flexible reporting

  • Security & Empowerment of a Personalized Visa Debit Card

  • Convenient: GenieCard offers direct deposit and payroll cards.

  • Cost Efficient: Reduce payroll processing costs by eliminating printing and processing

  • No program Setup fees for your company

  • Save Money: Reduce costs. Improve efficiency and save time!

Benefits to Employee

  • Get the GenieCard App

  • FREE live US Based Customer Care (English & Spanish)

  • Online Account Management (Bill Pay, Transfer Funds, Etc.)

  • Instant access to wages

  • Check Capture feature in the App.

  • Use GenieCard anywhere visa is accepted.

GenieCard Virtual Terminal (VT3):

No system integrations needed! Manage your program with our GenieCard Virtual Terminal. A seamless portal for distributors to allow you to instant issue, load funds and manage your program.

*API integrations are available

Allows you to:

  • Instant Issue GenieCard Prepaid Visa Cards
  • Be a Load Location for the GenieCard Network – Ability to load funds or payroll directly to your customer or employee’s GenieCard card.

* API Integration is available – Issue the card instantly and load funds at your location(s)

  • Easy to use, web based platform
  • Activate instant issue cards
  • Load funds
  • No intrigration required
  • API capabilities are available